This section contains descriptions of the commands found in Report Designer's Page menu.

Add Page

This command allows you to add additional pages to your report. The Page Properties screen (below) will appear allowing you to configure the attributes of the new page.

Delete Page

This command will remove the current page from your report. This command cannot be undone, so use it with care!

Page Properties...

Use this command to change the attributes of the current page.

Select a Paper Size from a list of standard sizes or enter your own custom size. If you're planning to distribute your report to users who may have different types of printers, it may be wise to stick with one of the standard paper sizes. Select the Portrait option if you want your report to be oriented vertically or Landscape if you want it oriented horizontally.

Select the Printer Default margin option if you want to use the maximum printable area provided by your printer. Otherwise, enter your own Custom Margin. Keep in mind that the printer default margin can vary widely between different models of printer. The margins will be displayed on screen as a guide to help you in positioning of objects only. They will not appear in the final printed report.

If you're creating a report that requires data to be printed in columns, such as mailing labels, use the Columns option to select the appropriate settings. Use the Gutter option to specify how much space, if any, to add between each column.

Use the Page Background button to optionally select an image to use as the page background. For best results, the image's dimensions and aspect ratio should match the report's paper size as closely as possible. The background image can be aligned to the page margins or the edge of the paper. Keep in mind that most printers cannot print all the way to the edge of the paper.