Once created, the appearance of most types of objects can be modified using the Text Style and Object Style Palettes. Before an object can be modified, however, it must be selected using the Selection Tool. Once selected, objects may be modified using the controls below:

Text Style Palette

Use the controls on the left side of the palette to set the font, size, character set, style and color for your text. The remaining controls can be used to set the horizontal and vertical text alignment. Objects that do not contain text are not affected by this control.

Important Information About Fonts: Since Report Designer is part of the NeoDBpro plug-in, it's not possible for VisualNEO for Windows's compiler to automatically embed fonts selected here into your final publication exe. However, this should not cause any problems if you do the following:

1. Limit your font choices to common fonts distributed with Windows like Arial, Times Roman, Courier, etc.


2. Simply assign the same fonts to other VisualNEO for Windows objects within your publication. These objects don't even need to be visible, as long as they can be found somewhere, the compiler will make sure they are added to the final exe.

Object Style Palette

Use these controls to set the fill color, line color, line width and border style for the currently selected object.