Use the Picture Tool to incorporate images into your reports. The Picture Tool can be used to display compatible  images from database picture fields or external image files. Picture fields, sometimes called a "binary", "varbinary" or "blob" field, are designed to hold large blocks of non-standard, odd sized data like photographs, sound, videos, etc. The Picture Tool can only be used to display images which must be stored in  BMP, JPEG, GIF, PCX, PNG, TIFF, ICO and WMF formats.

To add a Picture to your report, use the mouse to draw a rectangle where you would like the image to appear. The Picture Properties screen will be displayed, allowing you to select a field from the database or an image file.

The options under Picture Source determine what type of image you want to add to your report. To include a static image from an external file, enable the File option. A static image will remain the same throughout the report. Click the button to select from a list of images file on your computer. Once imported the image will be embedded inside the report (dbr) file. To include a dynamic image from the database, enable the Database Field or VisualNEO for Windows Variable option. You can enter a field or VisualNEO for Windows variable manually or use the button to select from a list of available tables and fields. A dynamic image is loaded from a database table will change as the report is generated. The field selected must be a compatible picture field. If you use a VisualNEO for Windows variable, it must contain a valid image file name at the time the report is generated. Images loaded from database fields or VisualNEO for Windows variables will not appear on the report until you preview or print the report.

By default the image will be stretched to fit the dimensions of the Picture object. Enable the Maintain aspect ratio option to restrict the stretching so that the original width to height proportions of the image are maintained. If the image is smaller than the space available, you can enable the Center image option to center it within the Picture object.

You can change the object's fill style and border using the Object Style Palette.